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A New Kind of Capitalism?


I admit that I like making money and I like the comfort of having it and knowing there is enough in reserve to hold me over for awhile in the event of some… thing.  What I really love about my money is how I get it.

First off, my work is fun.  It’s play.  It’s the result of deeply passionate interest that I would do even if I was not making any money.  Second, because it’s so much fun, it feels like I never have to work – a.k.a. something I only do for money – it instead just gets rolled into how I live my life, what I spend my time thinking about, dreaming about, looking forward to.  Third, my money making is the result of living authentically and honestly.  When I am talking to a prospective client, I never think about how can I make this sale or how much can I get them to spend or am I wasting my time because I can tell they are not going to buy what I have to offer.  Never.  Because what I do for money is centered in my heart of what makes me come alive, I enjoy my conversations with prospective clients.

Each conversation gives me an opportunity to really listen to what they say and offer up my honesty, experience and unconditional (yes! unconditional!) support for their journey, their unique situation.  Capitalism viewed this way feels good to me.  Am I deluding myself that it’s really a different animal than most of what we see around us?


Yes and no.  Yes, you are partaking in a system of investing and exchanging wealth.

BUT- you’re living a version of capitalism that is so absolutely foreign to what the mainstream has deemed the standard and only means to financial wealth that it does appear to be an altogether different animal.  There is a duality here that most people find hard to reconcile.  Most of us see two kinds of people.  We see the ones whose Facebook reels read like the movie Groundhog Day in a weekly format- a la: “Boo.  It’s Monday.  Can’t believe the weekend’s over.” “It’s Hump Day, people- we’re almost there!”  and “T.G.I.F.”  (F.Y.I.- You’re boring and I have hidden you all.)  Then there are the other people- the ones whose Facebook reels are an endless stream of positivity and activity.  These people can’t be real.  They’re either independently wealthy or they’re lying.  That’s what we always thought.  Until we didn’t.  

What we’re talking about here is a simple, but fundamental, difference in mindset.  The predominant cultural understanding that work is an overwhelmingly time consuming, yet completely detached, piece of our lives that needn’t be (and usually isn’t) particularly fulfilling to our purpose, is antiquated.  The reality is that this mindset is the chain that binds people to a system that perpetuates financial slavery and institutional dependence.  And yet, it is not necessary to resign from the aspects of the system that we enjoy- until we don’t.  There are plenty of people out there doing just that- participating in the system to meet their own desires and needs but without selling their souls to financial slavery.  When their lives look similar to the accepted cultural measures of success (house, car, 401K), they are deemed geniuses.  If not, they’re eccentrics at best.  I must say, though, in an age where they are hard to find, passion and honesty sell themselves.


Everything is energy, right?  Therefore it does make simple sense that we can all FEEL energetically the underlying motives of others in every interaction we have.  We can feel honesty and passion, deceit and manipulation, authentic or phony energetics.  Even when we can’t articulate our feelings or intuition, and certainly can’t prove anything, we can nonetheless feel them.  When we live in a world that motivates or coerces or forces us to respond to artificial dictates, we not only are always in an energetic state of confusion, but we become mistrustful of our feelings and even neurotic – constantly and often blindly searching for the new rules and guidelines that help us make sense of the world in the absence of feeling and listening to our own inner guidance.  Because the “real” world most of us live in does not support listening to one’s own “little voices,” we feel angst, fear, distress, unsettled, unsure of ourselves, and – aha! – needing to follow the “supreme” guidance of another, a.k.a. the boss, the religious cult, the teacher, the autocratic parent, the advertising, etc.  



I can’t think of one area of our lives that doesn’t heal and even prosper when we come back to center – to the listening of our internal voice and the open, honest response.  Our financial situations and desires are no different.  Connecting with people on a heart level is just easier when we’re doing something we love to do.  Granted, some people set a higher priority to their connections than their income and can connect regardless of their feelings about their job and the immediate capitalist gain.  I firmly believe that even these people, the ones who aren’t passionate about their jobs per se, do well for themselves financially because of their connection with the customer as a priority… or end up moving on to something more suitable.  As consumers, our awareness of authentic energy versus goal-driven energy gives us a new sense of empowerment and awareness in our lives.  We control how and where our money is spent and are not victims of the perpetual motion of money.  I seek out people with whom to do business versus corporate conglomerates because it feels good to me to directly interact with the provider of the service.  I know that this is always an option though not always as convenient and sometimes do choose to go with convenience.  But it is a choice and that is a powerful realization.

Empowerment and evolution of self does not necessarily mean that we’re all bound to be celibate monks living happily penniless.  Money is a tool and exchange of goods and services for money needn’t be seen as evil.  Those who see money as evil or painful usually don’t have any. 

It’s all energetics and awareness.


I realized many years ago that we all have access to “the whole pie” – in other words, my happiness or my success or my passionate fulfillment does not take away from anyone else’s nor prevent another from accessing their whole pie.  There is not a scarcity of potential joy and success out there in the real world.   In fact, just the opposite is true:  the greater my sense of self fulfillment is, the more positively I influence those around me.  Of course this is true – who enjoys being in the company of one who bemoans their lot in life, their victimization, their inability to achieve their dreams?  Folks in such situations unknowingly cause others to feel negatively, feel sad or depressed or overwhelmed.  We all want and deserve a whole pie!

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  1. Great!!! Love it!!! speechless really… going to Re-think 😉

    November 9, 2011
  2. Wonderful, Tara! What does it have you rethinking? It’s really cool to consider that we can have it all – simplicity, abundance, joy, health, wealth, etc. without sacrificing our integrity. It needn’t be one or the other.

    November 9, 2011
  3. Summer #

    I am a homebirth midwife and I love what I do. I often feel guilty for accepting money from the families I feel so honored to serve. Unfortunately, it is necessary to have money with four children to raise, one of whom has the dream to be an elite gymnast. However, I am living in a state that makes it difficult if not illegal to attend home births. Recently, the only Dr who has providing back-up care to homebirth clients, has decided to stop seeing these women. As a result, women have even more limited access to prescription only services such as lab tests and diagnostic ultrasounds. Also, the women and midwife have to take who they get if there is a transport to the hospital. This may or may not be a provider who is friendly to home birthers and one who might try to cause legal problems for the midwife. My family is now encouraging me to leave the profession. Sadly, I no longer feel safe to practice. I have young children and fear imprisonment. Lately, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what else I could do to meet our financial needs while also enjoying the same level of connection with others. Although I have nursing and midwifery degrees, working for the hospital is entirely unappealing to me. The idea of becoming part of corporate America simply sickens me. I have no idea what I’m going to do once I have left this profession.

    November 10, 2011
    • Hi Summer!
      Having been in labor and delivery for twelve years and also versed in birth centers and homebirths, I am very familiar with what you are feeling. You need to do what feels good. Any time you are feeling fear, you are simply attracting that experience. As you say, the ramifications of that attraction are potentially very detrimental to your professional and personal life. Have you thought about doula support? Comprehensive, empowered childbirth education (what most hospitals provide is far from this)? Pre- / post- natal social support, yoga, body awareness sessions? Meditate on the aspects of your professional life that you love. There is a calling for heart and experience in birth. You will be well-received in whatever you choose.

      November 10, 2011

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