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Growing Younger

Shining Pearl
photo courtesy of MrGreenBug


I just finished re-watching a video my husband made for me for our 12th anniversary. We don’t usually exchange gifts so this was a particularly lovely surprise. The collection of pictures set to music is a moving tribute to our 17 years together – college, vacations, pregnancies, births, homes, and family. The energetic shifting of the photos tells the real story of our lives.

I’m not sure you’d see it by just looking at one or two but the chronological slideshow flow presents a really clear picture. As the years have gone by, we appear to have gotten younger. How is that possible? Sure, we look more mature but the joy, spirit, and light in our smiles and the way we look at each other has cleared. And we actually look younger. We shine.

With every decision we made out of true desire and passion, a layer of fog seems to have lifted. These decisions were not always approved of or supported but they felt right at the time. And all along it was bravery that got us here- little steps of bravery. The fog was the ‘should’ life and we didn’t see a way out at the time or even that there was an ‘out.’ We plodded along happily exhausted in our days full of scheduled work, activities, and daily routines. There were forks in the road, though, and we didn’t always choose the one that had the most traffic, the one that felt safe and familiar. It has been little steps of bravery that have gotten us to a place where the light in our hearts shines so brightly that it has altered our physical appearance. Wild.


This is a fascinating topic. As I have watched my children grow and shift and change and really become confident in the full ownership of their lives, I have observed that glow, that radiance, that look that says I love being alive. I have been experimenting with the notion for years now that we all create our own physical look as a function of our outlook on life. It can change quickly and does: when we feel stuck or trapped or in a circular quandary of sorts, whether due to dysfunctional relationships, bound by external controls, job or predicament, our physical appearance turns murky, the light in our eyes diminishes, the color in our face looks washed out, our posture changes, we look older or worn out. I see this even in young children! When we feel on top of the world, when we are in the flow of living and loving and doing and being we become bright, shiny, radiant. When we are radiant, we actually become more attractive, of course we do. And it makes perfect sense that in such a divine state not only do we feel younger but we have stopped, maybe even reversed (!), the aging process.

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  1. I can see this being true in my own experience. We radiate what is going on inside us. One experience in my life exemplifies this. My husband and I had taken a two week trip to Mexico and had celebrated the New Year in Guadalajara. After counting down and having a kiss, my husband asked, “Would you like to start a family?” This is something we thought we might do, but years later. We talked about it over the next few days and decided we would plan one more really adventurous trip the following summer (not being sure if we would continue to travel after having had children) and then go for it!
    We were so excited! When I returned to work, I was glowing with the knowledge that we would be starting a family. I had two different people ask me if I was pregnant!!! It was pretty neat.

    February 17, 2012
  2. Thanks for sharing the thoughts…I can seriously relate to this with all the changes we’ve recently made in our lives.

    February 17, 2012

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