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Daydreaming… about Daydreaming

I have been daydreaming… about daydreaming.

I have long been aware that many of my most creative insights, profound intuitive thoughts and lightbulb moments occur when I completely let go to the wide open space of nothingness and do that thing called … daydreaming. Whether it’s early in the morning after awakening, before falling asleep at night or in the middle of the day while sitting in the sun or in my favorite chair, I not only love to daydream but view it as elemental to my well being as sleep itself, clean air or my homemade food.

I watch people all around me, always busy, always trying to keep their kids occupied, always wanting to be engaged in something, and I wonder why… when daydreaming is so valuable. Conversely, I hear folks lament when their kids are “wasting time” daydreaming or feeling unproductive themselves when they give in to just sitting and staring out into space. In states of busyness or ambition or productivity or even play, they all serve as mere distractions to the work our brain wants to do more of … when given the clear space, the wide open territory that is daydreaming.

I am completely convinced that I would not be the person I am today if I did not give myself the precious time to do nothing and just daydream. In fact, I am so enamored with daydreaming that I think we should even be pushing daydreaming onto our kids, our friends, our spouses, ourselves. In that open, unoccupied space that is daydreaming, our brains have time to subconsciously sort and rearrange, make sense of and … magically … create fresh, new, sometimes profound, sometimes outstanding ways of thinking and doing. When I lapse out of the daydreaming state, not only do I feel refreshed but I feel ALIVE in a whole new way… and ready. Ready to put my new insights into play.

How in the world did daydreaming ever get such a bad rap, anyway?

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