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Vaccine & Immunization Rethinking: RE blog post

Vaccination & Immunization Rethinking

When my first child was born at home 29 years ago in the peaceful and nurturing surrounds of our own private universe, the thought of shattering his world with painful and intrusive vaccinations was abhorrent to me. Of course I wanted to safeguard him from the ails that vaccinations purportedly protect us from. I just didn’t want him to experience pain he did not understand. I am a researcher so I went to work, reading everything I could find on the history and science of vaccines and on what it means to be immunized.

This blog is not a thesis on what I learned. There is monstrous, divergent information out there on not only the history and science, but from all angles on whether vaccinations are useful or not. I trust you to seek some of it out when and if this issue becomes important to you. The bottom line as a parent is that the decision is yours to make. Your child is not able to tell you his preference. Suffice it to say that after my immersion into the research, I chose not to vaccinate. Immunization is something altogether different.

Living in a state of supreme health and wellness requires a fully functioning immune system; one that allows our body to discard/destroy/ignore pathogens which can cause illness and disease. Do vaccines strengthen our immune systems? No, they do not. What are the factors that lead to a maximum state of wellness and disease fighting ability?

Your state of mind is the most important contributor to personal wellness and everything else is secondary. What do I mean by this?

Every one of us, from birth onward (likely even in utero), has a developing world view: am I living in love or something less than love? can I trust my world or is the world unpredictable, dangerous and hurtful? is my voice important or am I ignored? am I respected for the essence of who I am or am I being manipulated by those around me? Whenever a person is able to feel the power of the first of each of these tenets, his sense of self is loving, confident, eager, ready, capable, resilient. When that person embodies some or all of the second of these tenets, his sense of self turns fearful, helpless, dependent, anxious, unsure. The body/brain chemistry that results as his worldview/sense of self develops alters his immune function and ability to thrive in wellness.

If you or your child experiences illness at any time, whether it’s a cold, flu or something more serious, consider the state of mind. Alter your world, or assist your child in altering hers, to achieve a greater degree of authentic love, trust, voice and respect. There is nothing more important that you can do to improve your or your child’s state of health.

Other things, yes, of course, that contribute to natural immunization: the quality of food you eat – is it fresh? I used to tell my kids that when choosing foods that were right for each of us, there were gobs of options and the only question we really needed to ask ourselves was “does it rot?” If it does, then it is on the healthy side of options, if it doesn’t then it is on the toxic side. We could all choose whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and we understood the simple guideline. We and they experimented, and are still experimenting, with lots of options: raw, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, fasting, juicing, smoking, candy and donuts, etc. Learning how we FEEL when ingest anything is critical and those feelings vary and guide each person differently.

Also important for natural immunization is the quality of air we breathe and the water we drink. I believe they should be as good as we can possibly get them and that conscious effort is required to create both. Are we spending time in nature, avoiding breathing toxic chemicals and fumes, breathing fully and deeply? Are we drinking filtered or energized water, free of toxins? Are we drinking water at all?

What about exercise? Are you playing? Can you move your body easily, freely, with purpose? Does it feel like ease? Do you feel agile? If not, listen to your body and learn to move freely. Commit yourself to the knowledge that aging is largely a self fulfilling prophecy. You are capable of anything you wish. You are capable of any kind or amount of change you desire.

About genetics. Thanks to the science of epigenetics, everything we thought was true about genetics has been thrown out the window. Whew. Bottom line is that what you BELIEVE is true, rules. Period. Forget about that nasty disease that everyone in your family gets and you think you will get in due time. Incorrect. Turns out if you know NOTHING about that disease and have no reason to believe you will be afflicted, you won’t. This is so powerful! Just think about how your life can change for the better now, without the beliefs about how all those genes are at play in your precious body.

Take responsiblity for your body’s magnificent immune system and partner with your child to maximize hers. There is nothing more important we can do with our lives than that. Everything we are, the quality of life we live and our potential for personal greatness stems from our highly unique and personal state of wellness of body and mind.

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  1. Carolyn #

    Thanks, Barb!! My mother and grandmother both had/have Alzheimer’s. My mother was terrified she’d get it after watching and helping her mother through it. Mom’s focus was on the disease, even as she told her family and her doctor that if and when she began to be symptomatic, she never wanted anyone to tell her she had Alzheimer’s; any other diagnosis was OK. I’d pretty well resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably be next, but your blog gives me food for thought, and I realize I don’t have to think that way, and that thinking that way will probably be what brings the disease to me. So….. from now on I will not be getting Alzheimer’s and I will live a long and healthy life! This IS so powerful!!

    April 3, 2012
    • Yay! Create your own reality Carolyn. It’s what intelligent people do every day!!

      April 3, 2012
  2. again, such a beautiful blog! It is important that we all get this message: we are so powerful! As powerful as we think we are.

    April 5, 2012

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