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Connecting Telepathically, a guest story on the RE blog

Connecting Telepathically
A Guest Story by Sandra Moore Williams

Last year I had a chance to fly to Tennessee from Texas to see my new grandbaby, who was then five months old. I had been unable to be there when she was born, but my daughter Heather’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law had descended like angels onto the household to help her manage for the first month. I was most grateful and so was she.

As we planned my trip, my daughter warned me that little Mira would let no one hold her except her momma. Not even her dad. So I decided to try getting acquainted telepathically before I arrived.

About two weeks before the trip, I sat down and reached out to her in meditation. I introduced myself as her grandmother and visualized a picture of myself so she would recognize me. In the ensuing two weeks, I spoke to her daily mostly in mental pictures, and reminded her who I was and that I loved her and was coming to see her. I visualized her in my arms and loving her.

When I arrived, Mira looked me over in the airport and when I spoke to her, she didn’t turn away and cry as was her habit. All evening she kept watching me and even smiling at me.

The next morning after breakfast, as Heather and I were standing and talking, I spoke to Mira and she leaned toward me from her mother’s arms. Heather was astounded. She didn’t stay long in my arms, but we had made first physical contact. Over the next nine days, she allowed me to hold her at will and even babysit her while her momma went to the grocery store. She knew me.

It just reminded me of how much we are interconnected and that sometimes, all we have to do is open a line of communication to a person and talk, soul-to-soul. It can certainly get the ego mind out of the way and smooth a path for later face-to-face communications and build trust from that unconscious, intuitive level. A powerful tool.

And one I’ve been acquainted with before.

When I was first married, my ex and I experimented with telepathy, trying to send messages to each other. Sometimes we were effective, sometimes not. Most of the time, we were using words rather than pictures. But one of the techniques I’ve found very effective is to bridge relationship differences through soul-to-soul communication.

When I have an issue with someone, I have found it useful to sit down, quiet the mind and bring up an image of the person. Then, through mental pictures, the language of the unconscious, I tell them what I want them to know. Sometimes it might be that I’m sorry, sometimes a reiteration that I love them, or maybe an explanation of my intentions in a situation. The results are not always one hundred percent, but most of the time, it does soften the effect the next time I see them and we’re able to more easily move past any discomfort in the relationship. Sometimes, talking about it is unnecessary. There is an understanding already.

This is not a means to control another, but simply to bridge a difficult situation or offer support if another is going through a difficult time. My stated intention is always “to the highest good of all concerned” and place no expectations on exactly what that means. Sometimes, I’m surprised.

An interesting sidelight here is that there is a physical indicator in face reading (I am a professional face reader) that shows when someone is especially gifted in telephatic communication. It doesn’t always mean they have developed the potential, only that it would be easy for them if they availed themselves, or even that they have an innate ability they don’t realize is a gift they are using. They often think everyone can do it.

Here’s how to see if you have it.

For those with hair, feel the top of your skull starting at the hairline, for a bony ridge running front to back. That is the indicator. On bald people it is easily seen. When I am reading faces and a bald person, or someone with a deeply receding hairline has the trait, I ask them if they find they tend to know what people around them are thinking. Almost universally, they will light up and tell me that, yes, they do seem to have an inside track on what someone is thinking and may know it before they say anything.

I think we all have some ability along those lines and it can be developed to a greater degree with work. I do have the trait, and as I was in the middle of typing the story about my daughter and grandbaby, holding the picture of them in my mind, my daughter called and asked, “What are you doing?”

Sandra Moore Williams is a metaphysically oriented face reader, author, artist, and astrologer. She has been reading faces professionally for over fifteen years, consulting, entertaining, lecturing and teaching. A refugee from the corporate world, she chose a lifestyle over a regular paycheck, a search for meaning over a drive for significance in the outer world. The bottom line for her is not written in dollars and cents, but connection, love and practical common sense. She can be reached at

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  1. This was an incredibly insightful blog post. Your understanding on this subject is apparent.

    February 26, 2013

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