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love notes

“As I struggle to find courage and inspiration to follow my heart as I raise my children, the voice you provide helps me be brave. Thank you.”

“I want you to know that I very much enjoy your blogs (everything, parenting, and sex) and feel moved, refreshed, and opened every time I read them. Thank you for putting your energy into these. … (By the way, I have the ‘strong-willed’ 3-year-old that you suggested let ‘lead the way’ for a while and see how it goes…it has done wonders for us!)”

“I have gotten such a lot from both your blog and the magazine articles – for me they are really living up to their name in assisting me to Rethink Everything.”

“I think you (particularly as a elder ‘wise woman’ are providing something of value here. After ‘survival’, sexual energy expression is the 2nd strongest ‘basic’ urge in humanity and as such comes out with force. Without conscious & informed direction, such force can be dramatically distorted at various time and in various scenarios. Sooo….. bringing the subject up for contemplation and consideration of all the variations, I think is a definite contribution.”

“Thank you so much for your work publishing these magazines and blog. I am definitely reading the magazine content. I upload it to the iPad and read it in iBooks. It’s a beautiful format and I love the deep stories…

Thanks for your hard work! It is inspiring me to rethink my life, and this year I hope is full of changes in the right direction. Hopefully I can contribute a story at some point in the future :)”

“I love reading your whole mag and Rethinking Everything Blog …love it, thanks for all you are doing Barb, awesome!! Look forward to the next read!”

“I really appreciate the effort and time you’ve put in to the magazines and blog! I keep thinking “other people” will surely have time and easy access to consume the profound material you’ve included in them!”

“Your magazines are so packed with wisdom that I keep them for weeks on end on my first page on the internet, so I will be able to read them.. I also DO read your blog every time. I am always super happy to read ANY material coming from your way, be it online magazine, blog, newsletter or flyer.. as I know that I am guaranteed a great lecture and amazingly simple an yet amazingly important insights. Whenever I read something from you I am totally on the same page and it feels soooo good that there is at least one other person “out there” that thinks and does like me (or the other way around, actually, as I do and think like you)… I (also) do not really understand how is it possible that (it seems that) the whole world (besides the two of us;-D) thinks and does differently.. On my side it can feel pretty lonely at times as I am far away in Europe and people that feel like me seem to not be around..”

“Thanks for your dedication to this whole process of life we are in.”

“I love you and love what you write about!”

“Thank you for sharing your world.”

“When I think about your contribution to our lives, well…… I feel very happy!”

“Thank you so much, from us here in Switzerland, for sharing your inspiring thoughts and heart.”

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