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Intuition is Your Best Defense

With all the information constantly coming our way, all the diverse people we come into contact with, all the choices that are available to us, it can be challenging to sort through it all and make decisions and choices that are… well, right for us. And there is also a natural part of us that aims to learn from others, grow and challenge ourselves, and so we actively SEEK information and new ideas and interesting people. Whenever I feel muddled in the dissonance or confusion of ‘what really makes sense here?’, I step back, find a quiet place and trust…

my intuition. We all have it. We’ve all been thwarted from using it and trusting it and acting on it since we’ve been small children… most likely. I’ve never grasped the clarity before now of why this happens – WHY does our world not foster and nourish us in following our intuition? Why as adults do we get such mixed messages of ‘follow your gut’ and ‘listen to your heart’ and yet get questioned when we do just that, or criticized, insulted or accused of being selfish or not concerned for the greater good?

There are a few reasons:

– People are lying to us all the time and if we trust our intuitions about them and what they want us to believe then we won’t follow them or conform to what they want us to do. This applies to parents, teachers, voices of religion or other dogma, government and corporate leaders. even our friends lie to us… why? (that’s a different blog post)

– We’ve been educated and conditioned to look out for #1 and in the process move everyone else to a back burner. This puts all of us in a position of creating a ‘self’ that is constantly wanting confirmation and validation from others. As we seek this we naturally deny another’s intuition about us or how our views, etc. apply to their own life… and seek only their agreement. Do we really want a nonstop conversation with others who question us all the time about our choices, our beliefs, our actions?

– We have forgotten how to be honest and value honesty in others, and further, we are threatened by honesty.

In the face of the nasty reality regarding the devaluation of intuition, it’s still there, just waiting and ready for us to tune into. When all is said and done, the one thing we can always trust is our own intuition. That voice that lives in the heart of who we really are is capable of guiding us toward right thought and action that feels good.

FEELING is what intuition is all about. My intuition is my own personal guide. My intuition is always in alignment with my best interests, my highest potential. When I am in tune with my intuition, I know it because it always FEELS right, it FEELS good. I know I am in communion with my intuition because I am never guided toward malevolent or negative thoughts or actions. There is always a profound, higher good that feels true and valuable and powerful. Acting on my intuition is sometimes challenging and even scary but it always pays off. Always. In ALL WAYS.

Daydreaming… about Daydreaming

I have been daydreaming… about daydreaming.

I have long been aware that many of my most creative insights, profound intuitive thoughts and lightbulb moments occur when I completely let go to the wide open space of nothingness and do that thing called … daydreaming. Read more