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Eating To Save Our Lives. An RE Guest Blog Story.

Eating To Save Our Lives. A Guest Blog Story.
submitted by Kelli Bailey

I developed a malignant breast tumor when I was 37 and pregnant with my fourth child. If that hadn’t happened, I would not be enjoying my incredible new role as a coach enabling other parents to raise their children as healthy, heart-centered, independent thinkers.

How it Began

Life was stressful enough for my husband Chris and me in the summer of 2007. We had just sold our home and closed my daycare business, most of our belongings were in storage and our family of five was living in a 600 square foot apartment while we searched for a new home. In the midst of all that, we were driving for eight hours both ways every two weeks so that I could continue receiving pregnancy care from my beloved obstetrician.

That was when I received the diagnosis. Read more