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Same Rules Apply

I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with some very dear friends. Our families met while traveling and continue to intentionally cross paths as we meander North America. As I thought about writing this post, a repeated exchange between the young son and I came to mind. Read more

Get Ready for Rethinking Everything- LIFE: Issue One

The very first issue of Rethinking Everything- LIFE is coming your way!


Rethinking Everything Magazine, after two years of bold, edgy, exciting rethinking, has blossomed into Rethinking Everything Publishing – three separate and distinct publications.

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Rethinking Everything- PARENT :: publishes January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st
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Rethinking Everything- SEX :: publishes March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st

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re life issue one cover
We’re thrilled to bring you FOUR revolutionary stories of change to make you squirm

and open your eyes… and your heart.

justin wagnerJustin Wagner of shares with us his journey from hard working, stressed out provider to joyful soul learning to play through life in Breaking the Cycle.

mattkramerMatt Kramer reveals his ground breaking theory of predatory leadership, the research behind it, solutions for a better world, and an opportunity for you… to help in his story, Obstacles on the Path to Utopia: The Price We Pay for Predatory Leadership.

heidemarieHeidemarie Schwermer lives entirely without money – every… single… joy filled day.  She shares her evolution from exchanging money to exchanging energy and love in Living Without Money.

renee andersonRenee Anderson has a theory about the Woe Is Me Life – a life of worry, self pity, and riding the surface energies of life – since she’s moved through and found perspective.  Her clarity could be your ticket to presence and joy.

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Rethinking Compassion

compassion quote


It’s time we had an honest, heartfelt conversation about compassion.  Yes, that warm and fuzzy, touchy-feely word we associate with goodness… NOT.  Compassion is not those things.  Compassion is mostly disabling and dysfunctional. 

Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater here, compassion is a natural and probably useful feeling for the hopelessly and terminally ill, the hopelessly depressed aged and abused children too young to take charge of their lives.  In all other cases it really doesn’t serve us or the recipients we feel compassionate toward.  Read more

Rethinking New Year’s Resolutions


I am madly in love with this time of year. The holidays are over, the house is cleaned up and decorations are put away, the energy feels fresh and alive and I am ready. It would never occur to me however to make a New Year’s resolution as my culture invites me to do.

Resolutions are fraught with the weight of shoulds, guilt, promises I am afraid I cannot keep. Why would I put myself through this? It doesn’t feel good!

Instead, what works marvelously for me, is holding a silent dialogue with my personal universe that goes something like this: I am ready for new information, I am ready for change, I am ready for upgrade in whatever form it looks like. I am open to everything that is coming my way that will facilitate my change and upgrade.

In fact, I don’t do this just at this time of year, but many times a year, whenever I feel in need of a shift, a change, an upgrade. I have stopped being amazed at how quickly this little exercise works for me. Within seconds, minutes, hours, or days, I am exposed serendipitously to new people, books, articles, conversations, ‘random’ information that catches my eyes or ears, causing me to think or act in slight or dramatically different ways, ways that give me that glorious feeling of having learned, of having achieved an upgrade in my life. Now THAT feels good.

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. ~ Hal Borland



For much of my life, I felt resistance at this time of year. Angst about what goals to have for the upcoming year. Wondering if I achieved the expectations I had set for the year before or disappointed that I hadn’t made any so there was no gauge. It’s the version of life where there is a beginning and end, always a goal to be won… or lost. Something to prove… to ourselves or others. The feeling that we’re not where we should or could be… that we could be ‘better.’ You know what feels amazing? Knowing that I’m exactly where I am. Not where I should be, could be, or was. I’m exactly as I am. And there is always room for upgrade in my heart, mind, and life.

And, yes, I feel that way all year. It is a continued practice to honor myself and my journey. The New Year has not ever resonated with me as a time to press reset or begin again – ‘out with the old’ and all that. I am a work in progress- always! The shifting of gears began several years ago when I opted out of the resolution cycle. I meditated instead to find a word that felt powerful and necessary for my changing self at that time. Some I can remember off-hand that I’ve played with are ‘honor,’ ‘trust,’ and ‘truth.’ They change as I feel I’ve incorporated the meanings of these words (as they pertain to me, my experiences, my thought processes) into my SELF. I recently have a new one-word mantra and it feels exciting and fun – a new game of upgrading and consciousness for me!

Rethinking Everything- PARENT

Rethinking Everything- LIFERethinking Everything- SEX

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Energy is Contagious.

Protests. News reports. Anger. Resistance. Victim mentality. Peace.

We don’t watch T.V. We have a T.V. We just don’t watch it as such. There are channels to which the children are loyal for children’s programming and documentaries. We watch movies and stream programs of interest to us. But we aren’t hooked up to the mainline of mainstream media. Oh, we’re fully aware when nationally and internationally significant issues arise. The internet news flashes and Facebook reels still keep us abreast. It’s difficult to escape entirely and escapism is not my goal.

I wonder, though, if these mainstream purveyors of fear and resistance along with protestors and angry citizens don’t actually encourage justice and peace but rather perpetuate more of the same hatred, fear, and victimization that are present in the stories. I have never felt more peace in my heart or experienced more noticeable peace in my world than since choosing not to participate in mainstream media on a consciously seeking level.

Last year, Barb and I ventured to Santa Cruz, California to participate in discussions with Joseph Chilton Pearce and Bruce Lipton about conscious evolution. Bruce’s focus on quantum physics brought to light the theory of the ‘tipping point’- a point at which there is such a massive collective of thought and energy going in one direction that all energy, action, and intention either follows or becomes distinctly separate such that the two are no longer intertwined. I strongly believe that our own personal focus on internal peace, wellness, and joy (which often reverberates quite strongly among those around us) contributes to bringing us to a global tipping point.

Some would say that this is avoiding the reality of political, racial, and social issues at hand. I would assert that I don’t resist, I persist- toward any and all intentions and actions that feel positive and growth-inspiring for myself and those around me.

I couldn’t agree with you more here Sarah. At the risk of sounding hopelessly vacant, I will confess that I consciously gave up all ‘news’ over two years ago after reaching my own overload tipping point where I was having a hard time sleeping at night with all the thoughts I was having of women and children trapped in caves in Afghanistan. I thought a week break might be what I needed but two weeks into my news fast, I was loving not being immersed daily with the woes of our angry, violent and irrational culture. Quite unexpectedly, what I was discovering was that the absence of ‘news’ was creating a very real space in my head and psyche for the myriad things I really DID want to know more about and those things were now rushing in. I’m sleeping much better too. 

Ha! Hopelessly vacant is definitely not a way that I would describe you, Barb. Nor myself. Full is what I feel; full of love, inspiration, joy, and positive intention. I just don’t have the time, energy, or healthy cells to donate to anger and resistance. Knowing what we know about the direct link between our energies and our physical health, why would we order up some cancer with a side of persistent insomnia and migraines? We multiply our energies and their longevity in this life by focusing on creativity, connection, and love. Can this be done in a public way? Absolutely. Mahatma Gandhi did it. Martin Luther King, Jr. did it. There are many others, of course.

Just as I am aware that the school system is a fundamentally broken ideal and it is futile to try to ‘fix’ something that was never whole or useful, I understand that attempting to restore or construct ‘systems’ to alleviate oppression is a useless reality. I’ve had people tell me that because I am not part of the solution, I am part of the problem. I guess that is a matter of perception. A lack of resistance doesn’t indicate a lack of action. It is forward motion in a different direction. Fear is paralyzing.

But you ARE part of the solution here, and an important one at that. If someone suggests that activism, for example, is making a greater contribution to solving a problem, I heartily disagree. Consider the energy of activism, even ‘peace’ activism. It is an energetic of anger, dislike, retaliation and victimization. Why would anyone choose to embody that energetic? It doesn’t feel good, it is not productive, it doesn’t allow for peaceful communication (or sleep) and it just attracts more angry people! Focusing on, in this example, what true peace you are capable of bringing to the world, whether it’s through your interactions with your children or others or simply meditating on the feelings and actions that ARE peaceful, while not driven by a need or desire to CHANGE anyone, are imminently more peaceful because the energetic of such thought and action IS peaceful and also results in more peaceful exchange around you.

For anyone doubting this, try this experiment: the next time you witness an angry brouhaha taking place between your kids, resist the impulse to step in, react with an outburst or lash out with a threat or ultimatum. Instead, take a slow and deep breath and very consciously step back from the situation, both trusting your kids’ ability to resolve the problem on their own and at the same time, finding a peaceful thought within yourself to dwell on for a few minutes (you can imagine your kids playing happily, picture them sleeping soundly, remember your last wonderful orgasm, you get the idea). See what happens.

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