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Connecting Telepathically, a guest story on the RE blog

Connecting Telepathically
A Guest Story by Sandra Moore Williams

Last year I had a chance to fly to Tennessee from Texas to see my new grandbaby, who was then five months old. I had been unable to be there when she was born, but my daughter Heather’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law had descended like angels onto the household to help her manage for the first month. I was most grateful and so was she.

As we planned my trip, my daughter warned me that little Mira would let no one hold her except her momma. Not even her dad. So I decided to try getting acquainted telepathically before I arrived.

About two weeks before the trip, I sat down and reached out to her in meditation. I introduced myself as her grandmother and visualized a picture of myself so she would recognize me. In the ensuing two weeks, I spoke to her daily mostly in mental pictures, and reminded her who I was and that I loved her and was coming to see her. I visualized her in my arms and loving her. Read more